ThinkPad T480 fails to resume in Rawhide

I’m running Rawhide on my T480 and frequently running dnf upgrade to keep GNOME up to date. I suspend every night. Sometime before (or on) 24 March, my laptop stopped being able to resume in the morning.

In addition, but not necessarily related, the built-in trackpoint is unresponsive. I have a ThinkPad Bluetooth keyboard for when the laptop is on its stand, and its trackpoint still works.

I’m running kernel 6.9.0-0.rc1.20240327git7033999ecd7b.18.fc41.x86_64. The earliest kernel I can boot is 6.9.0-0.rc0.20240319gitb3603fcb79b1.11.fc41.x86_64. The issues exist in both cases. Is there anything I can try?

Added design-team, fedora-rawhide

You are runniing rawhide and this forun is for the beta and released versions of fedora.
I tagged it as rawhide and for the design team but we cannot help you here. The testing teams are the appropriate location to report these problems.

Thanks, Jeff.

Further information:


Trackpoint and resume appear to be back to normal after this kernel upgrade: