The timezone display and dropdown aren't very clear

It did – kind of. It shows some time zones half a globe away, neither being anywhere near Western Europe. Displaying time in 24 hour format would also be nice.


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It seems the popup is wrongly positioned and goes off screen. I had to scroll up and down, and trigger the pop up until it positioned correctly. It does show UTC, local time, and various cities, but the order does not follow any logic.

Perhaps the plugin can be configured to only show UTC and local time. It’s not useful for each user to see all the other cities.

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for me it shows Berlin right on top of the list.

you probably just don’t see the top of the list due to the offset Justin mentioned.

While it is not difficult to infer from the list that the time displayed is local time zone, it would have been preferred to have the text tell us so.
The popup for me is shown below

Due to positioning on the page and the lack of space above the first entry in the post on my screen I see very little of the total list in the popup.

I guess on the new page, we will solve this issue. The old one will be past soon.


There may be some way to adjust the way it’s displayed — I’ll look into it. The underlying markdown is [date=2023-03-03 time=12:00:00 timezone="America/New_York"].

For example by displaying the top 3 entries only and below the timestamp instead of above it.

Are people seeing this not on mobile? I’m going to report it as a bug, and also see if upstream has better design ideas.

It is visible but as mentioned it cuts the content. The time-zones should open down-wards and not up. The date was quite on the top of the document so it is too high to display. When scrolling up it colapses.
I tested it on Firefox on mobile and my desktop. More or less the same effect.

Adding a date to this post for testing: 2023-02-28T05:00:00Z

On Firefox on desktop, I see it only going the correct direction — down, unless there isn’t enough room, in which case it goes up. It’s only if I squish the window to be too short to hold the menu that I see problems. If you’re seeing issues on desktop, can you screenshot please (including the whole window?) Thanks!

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Same here.

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Since the merge is impending, I’m going to use this site to test. Let’s see what it looks like if I remove everything but UTC…

Ok, I’ve done that. Now for some samples:





The above shows the date local time by default, and if you click, shows with timezone plus UTC. If you aren’t in the tz specified in the post, you should see both that one and your local one (and UTC).

Does that match what everyone is getting, and… is it better?

I got three entries when clicking on it. Without clicking, it is showing my local time zone.

For each link, the middle entry are of different City.

The pop up goes down if the link is in the upper half of the screen, and down if it is in the lower half.

This is better. Using 24hr format still preferred.

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Weird, different results. It shows

  • local, UTC and NYC for the first,
  • local, UTC, Vancouver for the second date, and
  • local, UTC, and Dacca for the third

Middle location seems sort of random

Yeah, that really should be localized and respect whatever is typical for your location.


Looks perfect now.

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Sorry for unclear statement. UTC is always last in the list and NY, Vancouver, and Dacca are “in the middle” between local time and UTC.

NY, Vancouver, and Dacca seemed random.

Overall, great improvement!

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