FYI: changed the timezone dropdown to just include UTC (and local time)

Based on feedback on Ask Fedora, I’ve changed the drop-down menu that is shown for date and time markdown — for example [date=2023-03-01 time=19:42:00 timezone="America/New_York" renders as 2023-03-02T00:42:00Z on the web site.

Previously, I had configured this to be a fairly long list with options around the world for places where there are many Fedora users and contributors. However, turns out the long list doesn’t work well at all on mobile and was misbehaving in some desktop browsers as well. So, I’ve removed everything but UTC. This means that if you click on the dotted-underline date/time above, you should see:

  • The time in your local timezone
  • The time in the timezone contained in the actual post (if different from yours)
  • The time in UTC

I thought it was kind of neat to be able to quickly see what a time means to other Fedora folks the world — but that doesn’t override the useability problem.


In retrospect, this seems like the logical approach to me. And I think it is better to encourage folks to become familiar with UTC time zone translations. It makes coordinating meetings and anything time-related easier.