The Fedora Slimbook | Fedora Podcast 31

The Fedora Project and Slimbook just announced the Fedora Slimbook, a cutting-edge ultrabook. We’ll take to Alejandro and Vaja from Slimbook about the new hardware and how Fedora Linux is optimized for this new platform!

The Fedora Podcast features interviews and talks with the people who make the Fedora community awesome! These folks work on new technologies found in Fedora, produce the distro itself, or help put Fedora into the hands of users. There is so much going on in Fedora that it takes a whole podcast series!

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Fedora Slimbook:

:bookmark: Chapters:
00:00 Stream start
00:15 Introductions
03:55 What was announced?
07:41 Slimbook partnership
12:01 Laptop hardware
16:50 Fedora Spins
22:16 Future plans
27:55 Closing thoughts

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Great episode, it was really nice of the Slimbook folks to be this open to answer doubts and questions folks had about the launch.


Why on earth would they use a NoVideo card? Just the other day someone on reddit said that 50% of problems on r/fedora are loosely related to nvidia users


i would say the 50% is way off i really dont have huge issues that prevents me use Optimus/hybrid system on fedora. Nvidia works great and yes it has some small things that hasent even bothering me anymore. Most major annoying thing was each update and app update kept braking nvidia modules but now i dont even see that annoying when it happends i just restart system again and all done. Nvidia is way more better still on graphics editing, video editing and rendering and it all just works thats why i stick on Fedora it just works and are just beautiful.

i wish i could get hands on slimbook and use it, but well yes price is even more than XPS oled ones if i want to get more maxed version of it


IMO, the question is not “how convenient it is for users to choose their preferred nvidia driver?”. The question is “who chose to use nvidia, and why?”

I would go all my life the green and mean Nvidia it is just one for me and it is so much better on graphics demand etc, but I do t get all the hate and negative going on about Nvidia most of the issues is skill issues people have and just don’t know what to do and I see this Nvidia AMD is almost same as old times I use arch BTW

I think you do not understand the main issue…Nvidia driver is quite good at performance but its proprietary, Fedora either choose to exclude the driver from installs or they legally aren’t allowed to include it, the other issue is people arent allowed to look at the source, that’s why there are so many problems

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For nvidia the NVK work is very promising, but years(?) off being a replacement for the proprietary drivers. See Introducing NVK

Given AMD GPUs power all the consoles and the steam deck its got to the point that choosing a AMD GPU is looking very good for PC gamers as well now.