The Fedora Slimbook launches today!

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Unsurprisingly, the choice of NVIDIA card is not taking off well. I wish we had started the collaboration with the 14" model (with Intel Irix), or at least with both to have a choice. That was my impression when things were in discussion.

Having our first Fedora slimbook with NVIDIA only is asking for bad PR.

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It’s what they really wanted to do, so… we’ll see how it goes! It does ship out of the box with Nouveau working. I actually got one today to try out, so … I’ll see in person!

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Just don’t get chased by the police, like during the last unboxing :kissing_heart:

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That looks nice if it does keep heat away and by that I mean it is same specs like I have on my dell small difrence is I have 11th gen i9-11900H and 32GB ram so I am really curious how it works with nouveau drivers and perform on rendering and graphics ( games ) and how it mabages to cooldown and does it bulk and twist chassis like I have when it Ramos CPU and 3050 TI especially mid keyboard area and edges of screen are not straight anymore so will be monitored about some reviews

Looks like their landing page “forum” link goes to which doesn’t load for me

Oooh. I’ll make a redirect.


May I ask one question? Fedora log super (meta) key and Fedora logo on the surface of the laptop are required, or optional?

I have been using Fedora Linux in my laptop for years as a main OS.

But personally I would like to see these Fedora specific hardware-level features are optional to make me feel the laptop is inclusive for the use case beyond just only using Fedora Linux exclusively.

I would prefer “super” key than Fedora logo key. People can put the Fedora logo sticker on the surface of the laptop by their selection.

The problem seems to be that wherever you ask, “inclusive”, i.e. “neutral” is not an option. I mean: Why doesn’t Lenovo have a super key with their logo? Cherry a super key with their cherry logo etc? I even asked them, and the answer is the Microsoft licensing conditions which apparantly require them to label the super key “windows key” in order to get certified as MS Windows compatible. Maybe it’s time for another law suite …

And the point is, of course, that there is no market for two models - one with Windows key, one vendor branded. Sad. Because vendor branded “neutral” would be our best chance. Fedora branded will always be niche, no matter how nice that laser logo is.

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I am not sure if I understand your comment properly. But my concern is that Silmbook may lose potential opportunities for more people to buy the laptop by the Fedora logo and Fedora logo super key. For Fedora Linux to be shipped with preinstalled in the laptop after the next batch, Slimbook has to see good sales for thee product. But I think the Fedora logos narrow the target users unnecessarily.

I hope that someone in Fedora project didn’t offer a discount to support Fedora Linux to Slimbook in the condition that Slimbook prints Fedora logo to the laptop.

If you buy this model, that’s what you’ll get. For other models, they use a :tux: logo and the word Slimbook. You may be able to ask for a no-logo vversion. Or, I suppose, you could cover it with your own Windows sticker. :classic_smiley:


Oh, that’s great if I can ask for a no-logo version. I didn’t know there may be such as flexibility for Slimbook. Slimbook can share the options on their product page to expand the target users. :slight_smile:

What I meant was that apparantly, the bigger vendors do not see a market for a “neutral” (i.e. vendor branded, not OS branded) variant of their hardware, which is kind of sad. Because there’s a lot of good linux compatible hardware, and the idea of selling without an OS, or with Fedora, is getting more traction. Just that dreaded key …

Specialized vendors try to attract a special niche, like slimbook with their Fedora variant. Just so that you ask for a variant without the Fedora logo :slight_smile:
Again, no complaint, I just think it shows that neutral hardware plus OS compatibility (with or without pre-installs) may address a wider market.

That being said, the Fedora does look nice on that slimbook!

As far as I can tell, the Fedora Slimbook is a branded version of the Executive 16 if you want the same hardware without the branding. The option to preload Fedora is still there in the checkout.

If you notice, price should be the same between the Fedora and regular model, which I think is pretty cool.


ours would be even cheaper whenever the contributor discount starts being a thing *wink wink*

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I see. Thanks for the info. That’s good news! I can see these are same price!

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