System76 Boot Issues

I have a *slight issue where I install Fedora on a System76 Galago Pro 5 (2020 model with Coreboot, Open EC, etc.), and it works fine for a boot or two but then the firmware on the laptop no longer recognizes that Fedora is installed. In the boot options it should have my SSD and Fedora, but instead it only has my SSD and I essentially get a black screen at boot. Does anyone know how to modify the partitions or something to fix this?

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I don’t know much about System76, but thre is a special fedora COPR repo for this system, maybe you need a better firmware support:

What is COPR

Copr is an easy-to-use automatic build system providing a package repository as its output.


  • system76-dkms - kernel dkms module for an airplane mode, the keyboard backlight, and the fan support
  • system76-power - a daemon and a CLI used to manage graphics and power profiles
  • system76-drivers - CLI and GUI to install hardware-specific drivers
  • system76-firmware - a daemon and a CLI for firmware updates
  • system76-io-dkms - DKMS io driver for system76 IO boards
  • system76-acpi-dkms - DKMS acpi driver
  • firmware-manager - universal tool for the firmware updates


look for how install intruction in the previous link but summarizing …

  • sudo dnf install system76-dkms system76-power system76-driver system76-firmware firmware-manager system76-io-dkms system76-acpi-dkms
  • sudo systemctl enable system76-power system76-power-wake system76-firmware-daemon
  • sudo systemctl start system76-power system76-firmware-daemon
  • systemctl enable --user com.system76.FirmwareManager.Notify.timer
  • system76-power graphics integrated
  • reboot


Install it and test it, if the problem continue come here and we let’s see…

Regards., HTH

I think the issue was my partitioning so I ended up using Fedora Everything, and manual partitioning, which worked well. That said, for anyone in the future defiantly install the above mentioned packages.