Switched from Fedore 40 Kinoite to Fedora 40 KDE

Before I start: This is NOT a rant.

I have used Kinoite for a few months now and although the system runs great, it has its quirks but which OS doesn’t have them? It’s the way updates are handled that made me decide yesterday to use Fedora Mediawriter to download and place the KDE spin on a USB drive.
Yesterday morning I switched on the computer and saw I had, again, updates. I write again because in those 3 months there were maybe 2 or 3 days where I did not get any updates, mostly system updates meaning a new basic OS which takes forever to download and install, even though I have a 200 Mbit/s fiberglass connection and a pretty decent AMD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU. After the installing the updates I always rebooted into the new system so I new straight away if it works or not. I didn’t want to just switch off the computer and hope the next morning it will work, which it always did after an update.
No, it’s the amount of updates which started annoying me. With a not atomic system I don’t have updates every day, why Kinoite (and the other atomic systems presumably) do have them every day?
What I also didn’t like is the fact, and this can be me for not looking at the right spot, I never knew what is updated, what is new, what is deleted.

Yesterday morning I saw “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. (Google translate from a Dutch expression)
I have had several issues in the past with updates not working, receiving all sorts of error messages, but yesterday half of my screen was filled with them. I started reading them but halfway I had decided enough is enough: this is not my system.
Either I do something wrong every day, which to be honest I wonder, or the system is not ready for mainstream public. How can I do something wrong:
I installed Kinoite (several times), I added Flathub, installed several programs using Flatpak versions, added a few smaller ones using rpm-ostree and used the Nvidia driver, also installed using rpm-ostree from the RPMFusion repo. Is this wrong? Can’t imagine, but please correct me when I am.

I now use the 40 KDE spin with which my Fedora adventure also started, let’s see (and I am confidant about that) how it performs.
I installed the OS and programs (mostly Flatpaks), configured them, restored my data from my NAS all in just 2,5 hours (which is a new record for me). I used manual partitioning this time because with the automatic way of doing it, I need to restore my NAS data back to harddisk because during install the partitions are renewed. Now, when needed, I can just keep the home partition which saves me time.

I started with: this is NOT a rant and believe me it isn’t. Kinoite is just not for me: I need and want a system which works and which has little maintenance. I hope I have found it so I can keep using Fedora, albeit with a different version that hoped.