Switch to Bugzilla Harmony

I suggest switching to Bugzilla Harmony. Just a month ago, KDE switched to it and Mozilla has been using it for a while. Default Bugzilla is (in my opinion) extremely ugly to look at, and navigating is difficult too because of the UI. Harmony has Markdown, good max-width (underrated!), dark mode, prettier colors, more animations, etc., so it’s overall an upgrade.

Harmony made filing bugs much easier for me because I was able to understand what is what. And as someone that heavily relies on good accessibility, I can say that I actually feel comfortable opening issues in the Mozilla Bugzilla, in comparison to Red Hat’s Bugzilla. I have to admit that I don’t really open issues in the Red Hat Bugzilla, mainly because I find contributing difficult, but I digress.

Another good reason I can see is that since Red Hat Bugzilla is used by many Fedora/Red Hat contributors, it will accelerate the adoption of Harmony because more issues will be opened in the Bugzilla Harmony project, more contributors will join in and more. Knowing Fedora’s community, I really believe it.


Given that the bugzilla instance is shared with RHEL, I wonder a transition will happen. I suppose switching Fedora first and, once that is proven, switching RHEL next, would work.

We don’t run Bugzilla, so there’s not much we can do about it.

Oof, bummer.

Red Hat Bugzilla code is a separate codebase: Overview - Red-Hat-Bugzilla/rh-bugzilla - Pagure.io

Switching to Bugzilla Harmony would require RHBZ features merged into Harmony (not all of them are there yet).