Switch from sudo to sudo in rust

Sudo rs is sudo written in rust with memory safety.
Switch from sudo to this sudo-rs

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You’ve created several posts about switching to Rust based utilities:

I think that at this point, people are aware of those projects and there is no need to post this again.

If you are interested in making this happen then I suggest that you look for ways to make this happen. Regularly bugging people about it is not helping.


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I agree that annoying about things is not nice, but it is cool to have a list of possible packages.

Things to consider:

  • maintaining a project is 90% stability and bug fixing, 10% “adding cool stuff”
  • maintainers have a lot of stuff to do that is likely higher priority

To these specific projects/packages:

  • ask the devs if their software is a reliable 100% replacement. Most are not
  • some like eza, bat and others are not 1:1 compatible. They may be “better” suited for modern workflows or conventions, but may cause problems when used as actual replacements
  • new untested Rust code is likely worse than veeery well tested code in older languages

I think if you want to help, here is what you can do:

  • experiment in a VM, install various RPM packages, replace your sudo etc.
  • learn how to package RPMs, create .spec files and create COPR repos with them
  • maybe create your own bluebuild atomic image with these settings
  • join similar projects and help with tasks

I think an experimental “everything Rust” ublue variant could be cool. But most things are not ready yet, so this will have to wait.


Hello @frankjunior ,
In the interest of system security I think the effort should be into removing the need for a user to ever use sudo on their system. BTW, I like a lot of what is being made with Rust as far as system utils are concerned, even use some of them, but they are not drop in for the GNU system utils as of yet.

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And this can be very well tested with an account not in the “wheel group”

sudo useradd NAME
sudo passwd NAME

# virtual machines
sudo groupadd libvirt
sudo usermod -aG libvirt NAME

# system flatpaks
sudo usermod -aG flatpak NAME

Note that access to the system libvirt daemon libvirtd is equivalent to be root on the system.

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