Super key not working/registering

Ran an update last night, and now my super key isn’t working, and isn’t even registering when I run: libinput dubug-events. All of my other keys/mouse register when they are pushed, but the super key doesn’t appear when pressed.

Not sure how to fix this, i have tried adjusting ~/.config/kwinrc and that didn’t help.

Any help would be appreciated, my computer is still working ok for now, but not having that key to bring up the application launcher or switch workspaces is frustrating.

Here are my specs:
Alienware m15r1 with NVIDIA 1660ti (drivers installed, never show up right in KDE about)

Please create a new user to see if you have the same issue. If not it messed up your configuration.

Same issue with a test user (Standard) account that I created.

How do I reset my configuration?

The keyboard-key can’t be fiscally broken/dirty?