Sunshine streaming issue if gnome isn't unlocked

Hi, I’m running Fedora 40 Workstation with gnome 46 and X11.

I recently tried to use sunshine for graphic remote access. The thing is, if the gnome login screen isn’t unlocked, sunshine doesn’t start properly because it doesn’t detect gpu/display. That is annoying because I’d like to have access remotely directly at boot. I’m looking for a way to unlock the gnome login screen through ssh, as if I typed my password in front of my computer.

Does anyone knows about that ?


Could you try :

Connect to your machine via SSH

loginctl list-sessions

loginctl unlock-session <session_id>

thanks for your reply. Here is the result on the screen (normally, I see only “Lucas”). No change regarding sunhine: IMG-20240619-202646-372 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB