Suggestion to add a Showcase or Success Stories for Fedora CoreOS/IoT/Server/Cloud

I would suggest to provide some examples of who is using the lesser-known Fedora editions. We already know and enjoy Workstation and its many Spins, and we know Facebook and several others use Fedora for the work machines. Same goes for CentOS. But I have trouble finding who is using, let’s say, Fedora IoT and how for what might it be better than Yocto/Ubuntu Core.

I think it would be nice to have some of these. I know it’s been mentioned in some Red Hat keynotes, but nonetheless, it would be nice to provide some examples.


As a member of the Marketing Team, I would also like to hear these examples!

Well, for a few years now I’ve been running Fedora IoT on a RasPi and I wrote an Ansible PB to configure it and then deploy Pi-Hole in a container on it. Anytime it restarts it updates the container and updates the filter lists.

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This is a great idea, and it actually mirrors some of the discussions that the Fedora Council had at our in-person meeting two weeks ago. Generally, we felt that Editions should have better messaging and storytelling around them, since this is what would compel people to use them and give them a spin. The old “build it and they will come” adage is rarely true. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think there is still some implementation details to figure out around this, though. What do you think an ideal user experience would be for these showcases or success stories? Should they be on the main / websites? Should we do social media campaigns around them? We might not be able to do everything, but knowing some examples of what this looks like to you is helpful for driving a discussion.

Maybe a series of Magazine articles from people? The articles will have a “Showcase” tag on them and then on getfedora / fedoraproject they can have any articles with the “Showcase” tag appear on them?

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I love this idea, and it goes along well with the “How do you Fedora?” posts of old. In a way, it could be a new spin-off of “How do you Fedora?”, but instead as “How do you CoreOS?” or “How do you IoT?” Just to be silly for a moment. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think going the route of the Fedora Magazine would allow some interested folks to start on this now, without being blocked on some of the upcoming website changes. There are some examples of doing this in the past:


So do I. I think it’s a fantastic way to promote Fedora out there.