Fedora Core or IoT marketplace?

Hi Everyone,

Can you advise whether Feodra Core and IoT has a Marketplace for Apps, API, SDK, etc please.

Thank you in advance,

It does not. Are you looking to advertise something there, or to find something?

Hi Matthew,

I am looking to find applications or SDK for building our in-vehicle tablet solution

You might be interested in the CentOS Automotive SIG which is more directly meant to be used in vehicles than Fedora IoT is.

Hello Simon,
Thank you for this.

Hoping for success with this, and if so, I will be requesting on info how to make a donation as a token of thanks.


it is for Fedora, CentOs or Simon :slight_smile: ? I think Fedora & CentOS are well backed by Redhat so i think they dont open monetary donation (still accepted hardware donations tough).

more info here:

if you want to show gratitude you can do that by contributing directly into the respective project. but if you cant, im pretty sure just using and sharing Fedora or CentOS will make the developers happier.

Either the community members, or a vote of the most viable good cause.
This can be discussed later once the rewards from the project start pumping in.

In regards to the last paragraph: Absolutely;
My computers are running Fedora already, and I keep telling everyone to switch over to Fedora, should they whinge or complain about Windows or Mac.

Thank you!

We can take sponsorships for Flock to Fedora — this helps us get contributors from all over the world together even if they can’t afford it.

Otherwise, I’m sure we can find some related places where your contribution will do good.

So, anyway: we don’t yet have any such thing, although in general anything in Fedora Linux as you are already familiar with will be available, and we have https://developer.fedoraproject.org/ as a general overview.

You might be interested in talking to folks from the Fedora Mobility SIG — the special interest group for running Fedora Linux on mobile tablets and phones. They may have some suggestions for best frameworks and tooling for your use case.

Thank you for the Sponsorship option. That is something I would like to contribute to.

And regarding the Tablet options, many thanks for advising of this.

Currently in Australia, our rivals are only running Android tablets for Telematics purposes, which I find to be unreliable, especially when some customers would be running their vehicles for days on end with barely any time for the In-vehicle tablet to cool down.