Sublime for flathub not working

Sublime editor available in flathub not working so I have to enable rpm fusion and then download

I suggest filing an issue for why it isn’t working for you here:

This is the place to report issues with the flatpak per Flathub

I realize Flathub does say that, but the Sublime flatpak is unofficial and unsupported by upstream, so flatpak-specific issues should be filed under the flathub repo:

Also, Flathub only has version 3. Adding version 4 appears to have stalled.

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I installed Sublime Text following the instructions given in their web site.

sudo rpm -v --import
sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
sudo dnf install sublime-text

The alternative they give in their download page are direct downloads.

Sublime Text 3 has always worked. Sublime Text 4 will not be built for Flathub.

You can build the Sublime Text 4 Flatpak yourself for local use. There are available manifests for it. It does work.

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