How do I enable Flathub?

i wish to how do i enable Flathub in my apps repository to be able to use apps from the flathub repository. the reason is that any time i try to install an app from the flathub, it is unable and i get the response that says, UNABLE TO INSTALL


If you’ve located Microsoft Edge on Gnome software, it indicates that you’ve successfully enabled the Flathub repository. This may be connected to another issue discussed here.

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But the problem still persist in that all apps i try anytime to install from the flatpak or flathub repos, it still still. eg check

and this will not install

The link just provided is specifically related to installing or upgrading flatpak apps.

That image makes it appear you are trying to install an iso and that would not function in any case. An iso is not an installable package – neither flatpak nor rpm.

well Jeff, let me put it this way, any app i try to install from the flathub or flatpak repos will not install. check this out

the below short shows when i am trying to install

and this happens to every app i try to install from that repository

Sorry to hear that. Could you please click on ‘More Information’ or run flatpak install flathub in the command line interface? This will help us figure out what is going wrong.

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okay. i will do that and revert asap

Thanks a lot all and the team. my problem has been solve. i love the team.