Stuck in Emergency | Change Boot Parameters

I am stuck in Emergency Mode after updates, and a failed software install.
There are a multitude of topics on this subject that suggest “add XYZ to BOOT parameters”. None of these tell me how to do this from a live USB.
I can only boot from live USB or Windows (useless) at this time.

Do I edit the file in the /loader/entries/hash#-5.17.300…conf?

Most useful suggestions I found are in:

It seems that most people end up reinstalling the system when this occurs.

Can you describe the ‘updates’ and ‘failed software install’ that you believe got you into this state?

I’ve been where you are - in Emergency Mode - a long time ago, and after some time, I accepted that the complete reinstall option was best for me. But before executing that, I was able to mount a drive to which I could backup all user data. However that happened, I haven’t found myself in that position for many years.

Decide which path forward is best for you, hopefully, with some further guidance from others here, and come back to report status and ask for advice as you progress. Whether you save what you have or have to rebuild, you’ll learn a lot in the process and should end up with a better, more stable system.

Best of luck!


There was a kernel update (5.17.11-300.something) and I was attempting to install software built from source. SELinux got in the way of that process. Everything seemed fine, until I decided to restart and try again. System would not boot again.
It was not until I saw the updated grub menu that I realized a kernel update was installed. I would have restarted and made a snapshot before attempting a custom install of software if I knew it.
I recovered my files with live USB and an external drive. Then just did a full format reinstall.