You are in emergency mode . After logging in , type "journa lctl -xb"

That image is not a question, it is only a statement.

Have you tried power off, wait a short time and power back on?
Has this system ever booted?
Is this the result of an update?
What was the situation before this happened and what was done that may have been the immediate cause?
Can you boot to an older kernel and possibly log in?

After I did an update and it was upgrading the kernel to 6.0 I restarted the laptop and this problem happened and I locked it and opened it again and again and he didn’t want to unlock the device

Then my last question is very pertinent.
Can you boot to an older kernel and log in?
You should be able to select the previous kernel from the grub menu and boot to it.

Can you explain to me how I can go down to the previous core?

If your asking how to choose a different kernel at start up press the esc or shift key depending on your computer and it will show the kernels you can boot into.Fedora keeps 3 installed kernels.

didn’t show me to be shown a way to change the kernel

Root is needed to enter in to the emergency mode. But it looks like that root has no password set yet.
It seams that when there is no alternative of working kernels it enters automatically in to the emergency mode.

Try this please:
Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked in emergency mode (dracut emergency shell) :: Fedora Docs