Stop sign flashing continuosly (photo attached) after upgrade

after the first upgrade stop sign is flashing continuously (photo attached) as if sum wrong key is being pressed. also youtube videos in firefox does NOT stay paused, it starts playing automatically after I pause it or it starts playing in loop. I was using Kubuntu before and after the latest upgrade in that too, gave me the exact same problem.

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It looks like that your laptop has a broken keyboard. I had a very similar problem. I solved my problem by opening the laptop and disconnecting the internal keyboard. Since then i do use a wireless keyboard/mouse and i can work without big troubles.

Touch-pad & touch-screen are normal working.

Mine is an older Dell Inspiron laptop from the USA. Changing the keyboard would have been to expensive so I use it as it is now.

Anyway, would be nice if you give a bit more info about your system. inxi -Fzx (type it in Terminal) would give a good overview.

@ilikelinux unlikely because it happens only after the update. plus I am using lenovo ideapad 320, keyboard is not removable. so any other ideas cause it happening only after the update. not before

@ilikelinux I think I found the key it’s the play/pause key above the num lock (in the above photo). If I hold that key pressed, the problem goes away, as soon as I remove it starts again. but I don’t understand why it happens only after update?

yes. confirmed, it is that key. I have reinstall fedora without the updates and there was no problem but as soon I update, that one key goes haywire.

If you can confirm that key really isn’t stuck, then this is weird, for sure!

Just to be clear, on Fedora 33 this issue isn’t present and when you upgrade to Fedora 34 it is?

I think multimedia keys are not recognized before the update, after this they get.
This would also explain why you got the same problem with Kubuntu.

Every keyboard is removable. The original one you just have to open the laptop to get access to it.

But anyway, see the video below. If you belief you could fix the key on your own you could try to fix it. If not see an authorized Lenovo assistance and let it fix for you.

I did open up the key as seen in this video but there nothing much to be done. I see no problem there. I cleaned it but problem is still there. I open the laptop but the keyboard is punched in permanently, only way replace it is to pry it open and I’d loose the fitting. as of now I am ignoring the updates and media keys are recognised so I still don’t understand why the key behaves as such only after the update.

I directly installed fedora 34. problem happens only after the update.

That’s strange, for sure. My first thoughts are it could be kernel/driver related, since those would be key updates.

If you’re willing, could you post the results of lshw before an upgrade and then, again, after it?