Steam web helper keeps crashing on steam launch making steam take >5 min to launch

Recently, the steam web helper has been crashing on steam launch. I believe it may have to do with the recently updated Nvidia drivers. I’ve looked online for a solution, but it seems no one else is having this problem. Does anyone know anything about what the issue could be?


system info:
OS: Fedora Linux 38 (Workstation Edition) x86_64
Kernel: 6.3.8-200.fc38.x86_64
CPU: Intel i7-3770 (8) @ 3.900GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Thanks! I never ran into this. Not sure why. You’d think I would get the newest results rather than stuff from 2019.

When you’re looking for a known quantity like a bug report, it’s better to search on a specific platform (Valve’s GitHub repo) than using a generalised search engine like Google.

I am on 6.3.8-200.fc38.x86_64, i7, GTX 1650 super and am experiencing something ostensibly similar.
Right after an update which included nVidia 535.54.03, launching CS:GO from Steam takes about 5 minutes or more. At first, I thought it was hanging, but sure enough, it will eventually load if you have the patience to stare at the black screen with the “csgo_linux_x64 has stopped responding”.
I can’t seem to track down anyone else with this exact issue either.

So… you have a different issue related to CS:GO, and not steamwebhelper?

Interestingly enough. I’ve also been having trouble launching hogwarts legacy. It may just come from my underpowered gpu, but it sits on a blank screen for ever and has a 50/50 chance of telling me I’m out of video memory. So I think the steam web helper crashing so many times may be using more vram than it should causing other issues. Because when hogwarts legacy does run it’s completely playable on low settings. Something is using too much vram though.

I was not getting any output related to steamwebhelper.
I suspected my issue may have been related to the OP’s because the machine just sat at a black screen for about 5 minutes when launching CS:GO after a recent update…
However after another load of updates this morning, including mesa opengl, it seems to be better.

That’s twice where you say it is related, then immediately explain how it is not related.

I suggest you search Valve’s CS:GO Linux issue tracker and report there.

“Ostensibly similar” and “suspected it may have been related” are the data types.
This means, “I was not sure if this is related but I was experiencing something similar.”
All data is data, even if it turns out to be “bad” data.

Gathering and parsing data is a perfectly valid method of group troubleshooting and often proves effective.

Also, after a mesa update, the issue has disappeared for me.

It seems as though the more I try to explain, the worse we are understanding each other.
I presume you realize that CSGO is a steam game.

I believe the issues were related because after I loaded the new mesa updates, the problem went away for me as well. So it may have been the steam web helper using too much graphics processing, but your gpu is better so it could handle the excess load better.

Awesome! Glad it has been resolved for you as well.

I’ve experienced this twice, recently, but I don’t have any Nvidia.

The first time it happened was immediately after I added a second GPU to my rig. I now have two GPUs with completely different platforms (AMD+Intel).

I click on the Steam icon to start it in GNOME, and it starts generating ABRT errors until I manually kill it with flatpak kill. But, both times, it starts fine when I retry with flatpak run com.valvesoftware.Steam. I unpinned, started, and re-pinned Steam to the ‘dash’, and that didn’t help; starting Steam it from GNOME ‘dash’ always fails. This was working after the big, recent Steam UI update, but now doesn’t.

Found this: Steam Support :: Steamwebhelper is not responding
But, I don’t understand why a problem with the graphics drivers would care if I started it from CLI or dash. I followed this suggestions to disable video acceleration for the Steam Interface, and that didn’t help at all.

@de-clan-c What do you mean by “takes 5 min to start”? For me, Steam webhelper keeps crashing and restarting. I didn’t wait 5 min, but I don’t think Steam will ever start if I let it keep trying.

For me, the problem has gone away with the recent mesa driver updates, but when I was experiencing it, if I waited it would eventually work with little to no difference in the terminal output, so I wasn’t sure what was making it crash exactly, but it would work fine if I waited a while.

hmm, okay. For me, ABRT reports crashes every few seconds.

Hmm, this problem hasn’t resolved for me, must be a different cause.