Steam Startup and Resolution on Fedora KDE with X11

Hey everyone,

I’m running Fedora with KDE and I’ve got a bit of a quirky issue. I wanted to get Steam up and running as quickly as possible,so that I won’t see KDE desktop manager at all so I added steam -gamepadui to my .bash/profile. Now, when I start up, Steam launches in a 720p window and the rest of the screen being black. If I close Steam right after that, the KDE desktop loads up just fine. I can still access the konsole and other apps using Alt + F2 to search for them, but the desktop doesn’t appear until I close Steam. I’m not exactly sure why this is happening, so if anyone could figure out what this is I’d appreciate it.

Also, I’ve noticed that when Steam starts, it’s at 720p. When I hit Alt + F11 to go fullscreen, only the 720p section is visible and interactive, while the rest of the screen is black. Other apps seem to work fine, but they can’t be resized and are stuck in their positions, although they can go fullscreen. This thing only happens in X11, and everything works ok in Wayland.

Interestingly, I actually like this situation cause it’s kind of achieving what I want. My goal is to have Steam open up in 1080p without loading the KDE desktop at all. I haven’t been experiencing any issues with the games I play - they go fullscreen without a problem (well, at least most of them do). But I’d love to find a way to make Steam 1080p fullscreen and the whole screen usable.

Any ideas on what’s going on or how to make steam 1080p with the whole screen usable? Thanks in advance!