SQL: Installing Postgres and pgadmin4 on Fedora32

Are there any complete and working instructions for installing postgres server 12 and pgadmin4 on Fedora 32?

Hi @gefffu1, welcome to the Fedora community!
If you’ve not had a chance yet, please look at the #start-here category. It has some very useful information on using the forum and tips on Fedora usage.

postgresql is in the Fedora repositories, (version 12.3 as of today)
Haven’t installed it in ages but all you should need to do is:

sudo dnf install postgresql postgresql-server

Re pgadmin4, I don’t know, what’s in the repo is pgAdmin III (version 1.22.2) - usually it’s a good idea not to mix and match because what’s in the repo has been tested. (dnf info pgadmin3)

While I agree with @florian that it’s good to avoid mixing & matching if possible, I have in the past (around Fedora 28/29) used pgadmin4 from the postgresql repositories together with postgresql from Fedora’s repos, without issues.

Since PG upstream kindly names their postgresql packages postgresql<version>-..., not postgresql-... like Fedora does, those repositories won’t override Fedora’s packages with any of theirs, so there should be no issues with enabling them. Then getting pgadmin4 is a simple matter of dnf install pgadmin4.