How to install pgAdmin 4 on Fedora 30?

The RPM given on the official website does not have the pgadmin4 package for Fedora 30.

As I understand from some blog posts, the package does exist for Fedora 29 on those repos.

Is there a known workaround?

You are right, there is no pgadmin4 package in the F30 postgresql repository.
:man_shrugging: Better to ask to postgresql community directly, what do you think?

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Yeah thanks for the link, actually did that and will post the result if it gives an answer.


Alright, the fedora release team for pgadmin is working on it but has hit some small roadblock. It will be released when they fix it.

In the meantime, using docker or Python wheel could be a temporary solution.


Or you can use podman!
“run everything as a non-root user […] there is no big fat daemon running on my system!”

podman run --rm -e PGADMIN_DEFAULT_EMAIL="bla@bla.bla" -e PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD="password" -p 8080:80


Please note: this option will destroy the container when it will be stopped, then any configuration made inside the container will be lost. (I never used pgadmin, maybe it will save connection parameters and queries to postgresql databases?)