Sponsoring travel for Flock

Hi folks,

While I’m still new to the community and swear by remote and async collaborations, I think it is a good opportunity to meet up at in person event to accelerate pace of contributions and spark new ideas for Fedora project and long-term growth.

From today’s Docs meeting, I brought up an idea for Docs team to be present in Flock. I wonder if there is a policy for travel grants and how it will be distributed for attendees.

The variables in travel expense are flight cost, depending on where you are flying from. However, hotel and other costs are huge burden for anyone regardless of travel distance.

Rather than awarding the travel grant with all inclusive costs, could we consider different method?


  • 1 or 2 full grant awards: means-tested, but each award could have a cap rather than all inclusive
  • Criteria or eligibility-based award: like presenter and board member or a member appointed as a representative of project team or SIG
  • or anything else the council has in mind?



Hey @hankuoffroad, thanks for opening this thread. I think this is a question on the minds of many! It is certainly on my mind at least, as someone who received travel funding from Fedora for previous Flocks several times before. This is something really important to me.

I would love to enable this to happen, as much as we feasibly can.

Historically, Fedora has offered travel funding and sponsorship to attendees. This would continue for 2023, but I have a lot in front of me to figure out the logistics. Not only is it the first time that we will be doing this in many years, but the economic situation is also complex. Travel is more expensive and I forecast that more people will seek travel funding than any other year for Flock.

I suspect that being an accepted speaker, particularly around interactive workshops, would increase the odds of receiving travel support. I don’t know that for sure yet, but it is very probable that we will have to prioritize this year.