Speakers on Yoga 9 14ITL5


The speakers aren’t functioning well on my Lenovo Yoga 9i 14" (Yoga 9 14ITL5) running Fedora 33 (Thirty Three) x86_64.

I dual boot Fedora Linux and Windows. Initially, I had some issues with the speakers audio (it played on both, but it was quiet on both, even at 100% volume). The solution was to install an audio driver from Lenovo’s website, then it started working perfectly on Windows (it is apparently some sort of an amp for the speakers). But it is still the same on Fedora. In there any way to port such a driver/amp to Linux/Fedora as well?

The attached image includes neofetch and xinput data.

Thank you.

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The fix is coming, read the following thread.



Looks good, thank you! Eagerly awaiting any concrete changes.

The 5.19.2 and 6.x.x. kernels have a patch. Install Koji (fedora).

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