Lenovo Yoga Pro 9 14IRP8 Sound awful


I have an issue with my Yoga Pro 9 (2023), The speakers are working but they are only using tweeter speaker and that makes the sound extremly low volume and extremly low quality too.

Does anyone knows a fix ?

$ cat /proc/asound/card2/pcm0c/info
card: 2
device: 0
subdevice: 0
stream: CAPTURE
id: HDA Analog (*)
subname: subdevice #0
class: 0
subclass: 0
subdevices_count: 1
subdevices_avail: 1


As Lenovo support told me it’s a Realtek ALC 3306 sound card…

I know the issue has already happends on old models but none of the fixes I’ve found worked fine…

It’s the exact same issue Speakers on Yoga 9 14ITL5 but non of the fixes works for me :frowning:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It was supposed to have a patch in kernel 6.6 but I can tell nothing has changed…

Hi, were you able to fix this issue? I just got a Yoga pro 9 and the sound is indeed awful.

Before posting, please search for and read other posts related to your issue. Search for snd-sof-intel-hda-common or alc287_yoga.

Manual configuration of module parameters may be required to use the patch, but documentation often lags behind the kernel, so it may not be easy to find the appropriate settings.

Some patches are “experimental” and may not be enabled in distro kernels (so to use the patch you would need to build your own kernel, but experimental patches exist to allow developers to work with a hardware feature enabled so they can add support needed by end users).

I FINALLY found a “solution” on the 6.7.9 kernel :

by editing : /etc/modprobe.d/snd.conf and adding options snd-sof-intel-hda-common hda_model=17aa:38be in it and rebuilding initramfs with rpm-ostree initramfs-etc --force-sync on silverblue.

I can say that the driver isn’t as good as the original. It’s poorly calibrated with basses and mediums but most people probably won’t notice it. I notice it when the volume is at 50% or more.

But still it makes my speaker finally usable after 6 months of being totally useless.

Source of the fix : Same issue with Lenovo Yoga Pro 9 14IRP8 · Issue #11 · PJungkamp/yoga9-linux · GitHub

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Added silverblue

I encountered this issue again today on the 6.7.11 kernel. The speakers ID has been changed in the kernel to avoid a mismatch. so here’s the new fix :

by editing : /etc/modprobe.d/snd.conf and adding options snd-sof-intel-hda-common hda_model=17aa:38bf in it and rebuilding initramfs with rpm-ostree initramfs-etc --force-sync on silverblue.

So… fixed again… let’s hope I wouldn’t have to dive in kernel commits each kernel update cause that’s kinda annoying.

Source of the knowledge used : ALSA: hda/realtek: Add special fixup for Lenovo 14IRP8 - kernel/git/tiwai/sound.git - Sound sub-system tree