Sometimes boot of Fedora is hangs on pre-Plymonth and pre-mounting boot stage (black screen)

Ubuntu 23.04 and Windows 11 22H2 with latest updates is working normally. Secure Boot is disabled. Also Fedora sometimes get kernel panic. Kernel - 6.3.12 (current official Fedora’s kernel). CPU - Ryzen 3 4300U with iGPU. GPU - only Ryzen’s iGPU. What? I now switched to Windows 11.

did you want to troubleshoot the issue? Have you tried collecting logs?

Sorry, but I’m switched to Windows 11. That’s why I’m not able to collect log. Also, at black screen, logs is not collected (I’m did check a GNOME Logs), because this problem appears at early boot stage (before mounting partition on R/W and showing a Plymouth).

This is bug in 6.3.12. I want return to Fedora after making available a 6.4.3 kernel.

More info: here