Some suggestions for Fedora and GNOME ;)

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been using Fedora for almost 2 years now and I have to say that you guys did a great job with the last Fedora release : Fedora 30 Workstation. :clap:

Gnome 3.32 is a well designed DE, I really like it. Indeed, the new desktop metaphora is just great, everything is simple and minimalistic which is a strong good point. :+1:

Yet, I want to share some suggestions for future releases of Fedora & Gnome.

NB : Please read what is stated hereafter by keeping in mind that these are just my little thoughts on how we could improve the Fedora experience :slight_smile: I’m neither an expert nor a “I Know everything” guy, just a computer hobbyist who loves GNU/Linux and Fedora :wink:

1. The Anaconda installer is not fast at the first step (Selection of language) :

It takes up to 30 seconds to continue the installation process when clicking on “Continue” after having selected your languages and keyboard layout.

We should manage to decrease it to 10 seconds at maximum (Ubuntu or Debian do it a lot better).

2. Fedora with Gnome 3.32 eats up to 1 GB of RAM on cold boot :

We should manage to decrease this usage to a treshold of 800 MB max otherwise it is too close to proprietary alternatives like Windows 10.

3. Fedora should be shipped with the GNOME Tweak Tool out of the Box

The GNOME experience can’t be good without a customizer tool available by default.

For GNOME developers : The best option would be to directly include it in the “GNOME Settings” App as this is where most people would go to tweak their system.

One hub for all setting would better fit the minimalistic philosophy.

4. Gnome 3.32 doesn’t run good on mid/older hardware :

I know this isn’t a Fedora exclusive issue but here are my thoughts.

On my Asus X301A, with an i3-2370M, animations are not always smooth whereas Fedora KDE is always smooth no matter what (60 FPS).

That’s not something we can allow in the future as Gnome is the default DE of not only Fedora but also Ubuntu and other distros.

If KDE succeeds in doing it, GNOME must do it as well !

We have to keep in mind that the greatness of GNU/Linux is that you can install it even on older computer and that a Flag-Ship GNU/Linux DE like GNOME shouldn’t feel heavy and laggy with a decent mid-CPU like an i3-2370M (Come on, it is a 2013 CPU, let’s not act the Apple or Microsoft way, we can do it !).

Thank you for having read this post, I hope that some Fedora and/or GNOME developpers will read it and that it can be a constructive little review on how we can improve the general experience :slight_smile:

Best Regards

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Thanks for your feedback, but I’m afraid Fedora is downstream for all of this software. So, these suggestions should be made directly to the upstream developers.

For anaconda:

For gnome related issues:

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