Must have apps/configs system optimizations

Greetings dear community here,

I installed F32 KDE plasma from spins successfully. i installed rpmfusion and appstream too.

i would like to have stable, right configured system. My purpose is to stay on Fedora a long time. I came from Windows so any guides from proper users will important for me.

Also be happy to tell me must have apps, codecs, good dark modes, fonts, repos, system cleaner or maintenance tools if needed on Fedora etc. all must disabled/unnecessary services for best start up and optimizations.

Any suggestions will appreciated as i am new and not quite good experienced on Linux. I have some skills and my goal is to improve my knowledge in that wonderful world called fedora linux. I would like more strong on Linux.

Wishing all healthy health and stay of safe. Thanks in advanced for you time.

Any of your recommendations will be help full for me.

De gustibus non disputandum est.

Anything that’s a “must-have”, is already installed on your system. It’s up to you to discover what you like, what tools you may find useful to accomplish specific tasks and to get to know your system and its quirks.

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This subject is of interest to me. Specially if you are running fedora on an old system (dual core, 4 gb ram) where every bit helps.

I have found disabling gnome-software from auto starting upon boot to free up a lot of cpu and memory resources. Gnome software along side its partner in crime packagekitd can easily take up 900 mb of RAM.

If you are comfortable with updating your system through dnf and the command line, this is the way to go.

This reddit post explains how to do it.