[SOLVED] When is the 5.19.13 kernel shiping in a SB update/where can I check that?

Hi y’all

I recently got a new laptop and when trying to rpm-ostree update, the 5.19.12 kernel did not work. I have since then learnt that it can do physical damage to my screen and that a new kernel (5.19.13) was released to mitigate the issue. I am wondering when it will be safe to do an update so I can avoid accidentally booting up with 5.19.12, is there a place where one can observe packages being built for silverblue so I can see when the new kernel Is in the update?


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Clarification: the releases in question are 5.9.12 and 5.9.13.

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thanks, I corrected my post

looks like the new kernel has now shipped. Still would be curious how to check that in the future.

There are a number of places you can get this information:

  • package summaries are on the Fedora packages application. This information is updated at regular intervals, though, so it may not always be correct, but it pulls information from bodhi and koji so it’s good as a starting point
  • for updates, you should look at bodhi which is our updates manager
  • for builds, you’d look at koji, which is the community build system.
  • finally, package build sources are at src.fp.o

Packages updates start at src.fp.o where the sources/spec are update, then get built on koji, then get sent out to users as an updates candidate on bodhi, and then to all users if the update is good.


Thanks, that was the comprehensive answer I was looking for!