Solution for AMD/JAVA/Minecraft Audio Noise Problem

Continuing the discussion from Found workaround for AMD/JAVA/Minecraft Audio Noise Problem:


Downloaded Minecraft.tar.gz from my Mojang/Microsoft Account online
Installed Minecraft.tar.gz into /home/bebopspeaks/.Minecraft

Opened the Minecraft Launcher from /home/bebopspeaks/.Minecraft
Changed the JVM Minecraft uses to /lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk-
be creating a new “Installation” that points to the “fc36” JVM

If you installed the new verion of Java, you would then run alternatives --config java and select which version is the new one to use by default. Afterwards you can confirm with java -version and then the launcher would be using that one by default. If you leave it hard-coded and java updates to 18 then you’ll have to update the launcher again.

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