So Sad to say Now it is time to move back to Ubuntu

So sad to say Now it is time to move back to Ubuntu because i don’t want to waste a time on fedora.

I didn’t get any help from fedora community to resolve my issue on this 17 days before on this post. :point_down:

Wifi issue

still i tried so many procedures and degrade a kernel and upgrade a kernel. even i follow the steps of people replies but the issue was same and also fedora community didn’t helping me even.

So why to stay here…!!

they say ASK FEDORA… But where is Response

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Dear @skmdab
reading your initial Wifi-issue post, I would disagree with your statement that you didn’t receive any help. Maybe your issue hasn’t been solved yet but that’s a different thing. I would do a follow-up there, sometimes it just takes a bit longer to solve the problem

Remember that the community consists of volunteers that are spending their free time assisting users with issues. So, don’t expect a commercial grade support - if that’s what you need you may want to consider an Enterprise Linux distro with 24/7 tech support.

I am closing this topic because it doesn’t get us anywhere near solving your problem. Also, the information that you intend to switch your distro is not really of interest. Thank you for your understanding.