Snapper by default

Why fedora doesn’t use snapper by default? Its using btrfs so why not use it’s perks?

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So, the question is “Why doesn’t Fedora Ship Snapper for BTRFS management?”

While it is the standard Filesystem for Fedora, there are options. Would be a good questions for those who work on packages for Install media.

Because Snapper’s boot-to-snapshot method is currently incompatible with Bootloader Spec-based system booting. Upstream is working on it though, and I may revisit it in the future.

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There’s a general answer to most questions like this:

Sometimes teams or FESCo do not like something for technical reasons (including “it’s not ready yet”). But usually, it’s simply because no one has had the time or resources to put in the effort to implement.

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Well THAT is really good to know !

Yeah but if im not wrong systemd-boot is capable of booting from snapshot. Also it seems to be good enough now so i suppose Fedora could ship it as an optional bootloader

systemd-boot isn’t capable of anything. All it does is read BLS entries and invoke them. We still need a way to actually handle making those entries for snapshots.


So opensuse implementation is some type of extension for systemd-boot? It can work for sure

They have not completed their work on it. But yes, they’re actively developing a wrapper around bootctl and snapper to make it work.