Snap office365webdesktop font rendering not working in Fedora 39

I have SNAP installed and am using a SNAP application called office365webdesktop which allows me to access MS Office365. I know that several in this forum have recommended Flatpak but there isn’t an equivalent app in Flatpak and, unfortunately, I need to use Office365 for my work.

I am posting here because through various searches, it appears this may be more of a Fedora problem than a SNAP problem (at least in the past).

I am able to open and use the Office365 app just fine. However, when I go to File → Save As → Download a Copy, the next screen fails to render in a readable manner:

From what I gather in release 35 or 36 (sorry, don’t remember which) this was some sort of version error. The various other suggestions about deleting the local fonts, etc are not working.

Any suggestions on how to address this?


This is just a webapp wrapper. Use office through a browser like its intended. Maybe use Brave or Chromium to get a Progressive webapp

Well, that was embarrassingly obvious! Thanks!