Snap does not appeare on software center [GNOME]

I am using fedora 35 Gnome edition and usually i install app from flatpak and .rpm
And i have snap installed but i never look into it and if snap required i use command line but today i find that in software center there is no apps from snap showing how can i solve that for flatpak this is not an issue. I have a another device with kubuntu and snap and flatpak installed i can see all in their discover. What is wrong here.?

Please see:

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It was not aware of that fact that fedora did’t support snap.

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I guess we do “support” it in a way, because snap is packaged in Fedora, but as that thread will tell you, supporting it on Gnome Software etc. is more complex.

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Yes true but can we expect that to happen in future as we remove software center support.