Slow boot times in Fedora 36

Greetings! Recently I’ve encountered extremely slow boot times on my fedora install even though I boot off an 2.5GB/s read/write speed SSD. I looked at threads regarding the same problem but they were made on older releases and I lack the knowledge to try and solve this by myself. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

$ systemd-analyze blame | head
1min 26.410s dracut-initqueue.service
      5.526s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
      2.710s systemd-udev-settle.service
      2.481s plymouth-quit-wait.service
       973ms initrd-switch-root.service
       694ms akmods.service
       606ms lvm2-monitor.service
       540ms fwupd.service
       497ms abrtd.service
       392ms plymouth-read-write.service

$ systemd-analyze critical-chain 
The time when unit became active or started is printed after the "@" character.
The time the unit took to start is printed after the "+" character. @12.606s
└─ @12.606s
  └─plymouth-quit-wait.service @10.111s +2.481s
    └─systemd-user-sessions.service @10.073s +32ms
      └─ @10.071s
        └─ @10.071s
          └─ @4.562s
            └─gssproxy.service @4.545s +14ms
              └─ @4.541s
                └─wpa_supplicant.service @11.758s +5ms
                  └─dbus-broker.service @4.218s +28ms
                    └─dbus.socket @4.125s
                      └─ @4.122s
                        └─plymouth-read-write.service @3.730s +392ms
                          └─ @3.727s
                            └─boot-efi.mount @3.713s +13ms
                              └─systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-6533\x2dB8B8.service @3.691s +20ms
                                └─ @3.690s
                                  └─lvm2-monitor.service @797ms +606ms
                                    └─dm-event.socket @786ms

You consider that slow when the systemd-analyze critical-chain shows it finished in 12.606 seconds???
The analyze blame delay was dracut, probably with installing or upgrading a kernel, which only happens when there is something that requires reconfiguring for booting.

I see nothing that would worry me on the critical-chain or blame posts.

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From man dracut-initqueue.service

dracut-initqueue.service - runs the dracut main loop to find the real root

In other words, it is waiting for various devices to be detected and configured.

It probably doesn’t change your conclusion, unless the original poster provides more info, such as “how slow is slow?”, “has it always been slow?”.

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Normally my boot time used to be around 30 to 40 sec but for about a week its been more than 2 mins. One more interesting thing about what you said:

In other words, it is waiting for various devices to be detected and configured.

is that for about as long as this problem regarding boot times when waking my system from suspend keyboard and mouse input doesn’t work (only hovering with the mouse works). This happened with 3 different 5.19 kernels.

Thanks for the update. This looks like some hardware problem, but I am afraid that remote diagnostic would be very difficult.