Fedora slow boot because of "loader" stage

Since F36 i got slow boot (see loader time)

[alessandro@fedora ~]$ systemd-analyze Startup finished in 8.206s (firmware) + 7.375s (loader) + 1.833s (kernel) + 13.189s (initrd) + 28.058s (userspace) = 58.662s graphical.target reached after 28.038s in userspace

Here is the blame

[alessandro@fedora ~]$ systemd-analyze blame 20.402s plymouth-quit-wait.service 12.797s dracut-initqueue.service 12.467s systemd-cryptsetup@luks\x2de6359a2d\x2daac9\x2d470a\x2dbc7b\x2dfea92b2b938e.service 5.088s NetworkManager-wait-online.service 1.687s nvidia-powerd.service 762ms lvm2-monitor.service 656ms initrd-switch-root.service 610ms akmods.service 567ms firewalld.service 488ms fwupd.service 302ms udisks2.service 234ms ModemManager.service 179ms systemd-journal-flush.service 140ms systemd-udev-trigger.service 127ms user@1000.service 108ms colord.service 102ms systemd-udevd.service

Any advice?