Slick Image Gallery Feature

Heya folks!

While working on promoting the Creative Freedom Summit, I wanted to create a swiping gallery in Discussion.fpo with the social assets we had created for Instagram. With a little research, I found something called Slick Image Gallery. It looked like it took some admin work to install, so I sent a request over to @mattdm to see if it would be a good fit for our Discourse instance. He was on board- so now we have the option to use this rad feature! Thanks @mattdm for getting that set up for future use :pray:

Check out the Slick Image Gallery page for more details, but generally the steps are:

  1. Upload your images and make sure there are no spaces between the image files code.
  2. Highlight the image code.
  3. Click the gallery button (in between “Insert Footnote” and “Upload” buttons)
  4. Done!

Here’s how it looks in practice (and let’s hope it works bc this is the first time I am trying it):



Cool! That looks really great!

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I love it! Now I can click on the image too for a closer look! I don’t think you could do that with the images that are just inline. And this could be great for the feedback posts to avoid having a super long post just to show all of the screenshots. :eyes:

Thanks, @riecatnor!

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FWIW, you actually can.

Here’s an example of what I see with the CPE update inforgraphic. I can right click to open the image in a new tab and zoom in that way, but it doesn’t open up and let me zoom while on the thread itself. I can’t just click it to view more closely. Or am I the only one seeing this? Wouldn’t be surprised.

Ah, that’s because of deficiencies in the Wordpress-to-Discourse plugin. Specifically, it posts rendered HTML as the message. This works, because Markdown allows pretty-much arbitrary HTML as well.[1]
By default, that plugin uploads images and inserts image markdown, but there is a bug[2] where the markdown and html were running together in an invalid way, makingimages were coming out broken. The workaround is to tell the plugin to just leave HTML image tags pointing to the original – and those don’t have the nice scaling feature.

I’m going to go back to upstream discourse and re-discuss the problem and see if I can get some movement.

  1. See This site sends emails with the wrong Content-Type (for the Community Blog integration) - Fedora Discussion for more. ↩︎

  2. Details: Fix broken images for posts created by the WP Discourse and RSS plugins - admins - Discourse Meta ↩︎

Oh, actually that might be resolved. I’m going to try turning image upload back on, to see what happens…

@joseph Check out

now! I changed the site setting which was blocking image uploads, and re-published the post from the Community blog, and it looks like the bug is fixed — so you should be able to zoom the image now.


Working now, thank you!

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