Fitting the new f38 mobile/Phosh spin/lab in websites

Greetings websites folks. :slight_smile:

I just submitted a f38 change (not approved yet) for a Mobile / Phosh image to be produced. Can you consider in the website redesign where such a image might be presented?

It’s basically for tablets/phones or even touchscreen laptops, but focused on the smaller form factor. We would definitely like for people to know about it/download it if they find it interesting, but I have no idea how it would fit into your redesign. :slight_smile:

I thought I would bring this up now in the event that we needed more time to consider this (rather than waiting for it to get approved).

Anyhow, thoughts? comments? Happy to provide more info if I can, or any others from the mobility sig would be happy to help as well.

Thanks for your consideration.


Is this also a step towards Fedora Silverblue + Phosh? I would love to see that on the Pinephone Pro or the Librem 5. :star_struck:


The thought is to actually get it working with a normal/more conventional setup and then move it to ostree after thats all working.


Thanks for the heads up. I just put a link to this post at the end of tomorrow’s websites and apps meeting agenda to be sure everyone notices it. :slight_smile:


Hi! Just found this link in the websites tickets. Funny because I just left a note in the mobility matrix yesterday too:

Should we add a link to that wiki page under spins/labs links in the navbar of The leading Linux desktop | The Fedora Project ?