Silverblue site indicates 31 is still beta?

I rebased to Silverblue 31 a few days ago and it’s working well, but I see it’s still “beta” on the Silverblue site.

Is there a technical reason for that? Or are we just pending some housekeeping?

Pending housekeeping, I’m afraid.


FYI this is in progress:


And the download page with correct links should be fixed now with

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I’ve been waiting for Fedora Silverblue 31 before trying it out, as I wanted it to mature a bit more. It looks like the website has been updated now (with typos), but all it says is that 31 is released. What’s actually new though? I want to know what the Silverblue-specific changes in 31 are.

I agree that the Silverblue site is a bit terse on the release details for Silverblue 31. It should have a link to some more information about the release. Since Silverblue and Fedora Workstation are largely the same, the changes are mostly the same for both. Here is a link to the Fedora release notes and a link to some common upgrade issues. Hope that helps. page was updated yesterday. Can you please let me know which typos you have spotted so I can correct them? Thanks!

@mmorrell2016 The new summary (which was pushed yesterday) has links to the bugs that are more relevant to Silverblue. I have not added the release notes you have linked cause they mostly contain notes on copyrights and licenses. A link with much better info is this: We could probably add that.

In the meanwhile I have create a PR: