Fedora workstation 30 to Silverblue 31 transition

Switched one of my two Fedora 30 workstations to the Silverblue 31 Beta over the weekend. After running Silverblue instances in VMs for a few months this level commitment was a bit scary.

Did all sorts of backups and had tested Silverblue out with the apps I use and was prepared for all sorts of darkness - which didn’t happen.

I was able keep my existing partition layout as they matched what Silverblue expects and reformatted all partitions except /home (I had tested this a couple of times in the VMs). I kept my login/ userid identical and almost everything moved over - (online accounts, Firefox logins, app data etc) which saved hours of work and was very very smooth.

Love the new Gnome. Noticed some work has been done on Evolution (which I now run as a flatpak) and saw some bugs had been fixed which - queue celestial violin sound - was a great moment of joy. All-in a wonderful experience and a big thanks to all involved.