Reminder: Silverblue Test Day 2019-04-05

I remembered the test day focused on Silverblue looking at twitter and I asked myself why it had not been published here. Those interested can find more information in the following link.


Thanks for posting this here!

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Are we supposed to install it on our machines or can we install it on a virtual machine?

Usually a VM is fine to use for the tests.

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I did my tests, just wish I could edit some as I was able to work around or solve issues with them, like for instance initial boot after install.

I ran most of the tests but ran out of time to do them all. I was surprised to see so many problems with Gnome Software. For a beta release test this should have been tested and working long before a test day IMHO. Not sure what happened there.

I agree, gnome-software presents many problems for a beta.

I rebased my workstation from Silverblue 29 to 30 and yeah, GNOME Software is messed up. GNOME 3.32 is still a bit rocky on my Arch partitions even after a couple of weeks. IMHO Fedora should juggle the schedules so the GNOME update happens before the Rawhide / next release branch, so we aren’t running Fedora betas on a fairly new GNOME.

I think this release is much more involved WRT underlying fundamentals of the Fedora Distro. For instance, BLS introduction was not well handled, also the move to modularity of the OS is having impacts on Silverblue. Plus, there are still flatpak outstanding issues regarding the need for more portals specifically for things like Gnome Boxes, or oddball networking requirements with non-enet type of networks like I encounter in Industrial use. I’m saying this mostly from what I can gather from reading comments here and other developer areas, as well as my involvement in trying to push the Silverblue Guide forward and the testing I have to do for that.

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Since Silverblue 30 is still in beta, there is time to make it better. I am willing to help with testing anything that is still unstable. I just need some guidance on the testing that is needed.