Silverblue Realtek wireless driver

I’ve just bought a new laptop. Installed Silverblue on it and my WiFi didn’t work. My card is RTL8852AE and drivers I’ve found are RTW89. However, I can’t install them. Can’t build them for obvious reasons, also can’t install RPM package as it requires GPG key for that rpm which I couldn’t find.
Can I get around this? Like re-sign rpm I’ve found with my signature and put it in /etc/pki/rpm-gpg ? Or any other way to install it without giving up on SB? Thanks!

You should take a look at: Fedora Silverblue - adding drivers - #7 by kxra

I’ve managed to fix it till reboot by compiling guthub driver with rpm-ostree usroverride. but this isn’t great to say the least. will this driver be provided by any means in near future? cause I saw issues back from 2020 with it, still not changed.

thank you for the part-fix.

Kernel 5.16 with support for Realtek 802.11ax WiFi Driver RT89 (rtw89) is available for F35 from koji for testing purposes. See for override the default kernel in SB until it lands on stable. Works for me on Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 with Silverblue.