Can we get RTL8821 driver support with Fedora and Silverblue ISO?

I notice that driver support for RTL8188 and RTL8189 radios is included with the ISO as my older edimax usb dongles were picked up right away during the F34 Silverblue install. Those are older 802.11 bgn radios. the RTL8821 radios provide 802.11AC wifi which offer wifi much better bandwidth solutions. Brektrou over at GitHub has been maintaining a kernel patch project for a couple years now but it would be nice to see the ko module added in to the iso rather than having to patch the kernel every time there is an OS update.


Fedora Silverblue is made from Fedora RPMs and thus includes what’s included in the Fedora kernel. Could you open a bug report upstream in Fedora’s Bugzilla tracker? Thanks


Also wondering about RTW89, but got a (cumbersome) solution in the meantime:

Kernel 5.16 with support for Realtek 802.11ax WiFi Driver RT89 (rtw89) is available for F35 from koji for testing purposes. See Test Day:2022-01-23 Kernel 5.16 Test Week - Fedora Project Wiki for override the default kernel in SB until it lands on stable. Works for me on Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 with Silverblue.

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