Wifi broadcom drivers


I’ve only worked on Silverblue with my LAN. But I want to install broadcom drivers. Does anybody have an idea?

I’ve looked in google…; I didn’t find a suitable solution for it.

Thx and Regards



Out-of-tree kernel modules is still a problem. This is not just Nvidia.


In-tree kernel modules are also a problem, for example, amdgpu. It is moving rapidly and few people are testing it on anything other than Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I’ve got nagging problems on a five-year-old AMD card that I have to troubleshoot every time I get a kernel update and this is supposed to be “pure open source”. :frowning:


Well, but there is still no solution for Wifi broadcom drivers? It depends on kernel modules…; I know that broadcom drivers are supported by RPM-Fusion - but I’m not sure how to integrate/compile it to Silverblue