Silverblue .iso made via Lorax fails installation

For a while now, I have been trying to create a pre-customized .iso of Fedora Silverblue by composing a repo based on workstation-ostree-config and passing that to Lorax using --add-template-var arguments.

While I have been able to build a custom .iso using this method, I have yet to succeed in installing the end product either on real hardware or in KVM, due to an error that happens at the end of the install process (“The command ‘cp -r -r /mnt/sysroot/usr/lib/ostree-boot/loader /mnt/sysimage/boot’ exited with the code 1.”, also screenshot below). I was unable to find any information online concerning this error, nor did I find the folder “…/ostree-boot/loader” present in any official build of Silverblue.

In an attempt to rectify this, I tried multiple changes to the script adding and subtracting different arguments, including building with and without lorax-embed-flatpaks.tmpl, trying different versions of Silverblue without any customization (basically using the official config .yaml’s for the Gnome and Kinoite editions of F34, F35 and Rawhide), though to no avail. My .iso’s still always fail at the same point during the install process.

SELinux was always set to permissive during the build process and I am always using a fresh install of Fedora Workstation with rpm-ostree and its dependencies installed. The Lorax log files also appear to indicate that everything works as intended, as there is no visible error present.

I honestly don’t know where the issue lies, so I am hoping that you may point me in the right direction.

What follows are the arguments I use to call Lorax, plus how I build the repo beforehand (here I am just trying to build the .iso based on the standard fedora-silverblue.yaml for F35 without any modifications):

mkdir iso && cd iso
git clone -b f35
git clone -b f35
mkdir ostree_repo
ostree init --repo=ostree_repo
rpm-ostree compose --unified-core tree --repo=$(pwd)/ostree_repo $(pwd)/workstation-ostree-config/fedora-silverblue.yaml

exec lorax  --product=Fedora \
                --version=35 \
                --release=20211104 \
                --source= \
                --variant=Silverblue \
                --nomacboot \
                --volid=Fedora-SB-ostree-x86_64-35 \
                --add-template=$(pwd)/fedora-lorax-templates/ostree-based-installer/lorax-configure-repo.tmpl \
                --add-template=$(pwd)/fedora-lorax-templates/ostree-based-installer/lorax-embed-repo.tmpl \
                --add-template=$(pwd)/fedora-lorax-templates/ostree-based-installer/lorax-embed-flatpaks.tmpl \
                --add-template-var=ostree_install_repo=file://$(pwd)/ostree_repo \
                --add-template-var=ostree_update_repo=file://$(pwd)/ostree_repo \
                --add-template-var=ostree_osname=fedora \
                --add-template-var=ostree_oskey=fedora-35-primary \
                --add-template-var=ostree_contenturl=mirrorlist= \
                --add-template-var=ostree_install_ref=fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue \
                --add-template-var=ostree_update_ref=fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue \
                --add-template-var=flatpak_remote_name=fedora \
                --add-template-var=flatpak_remote_url=oci+ \
                --add-template-var=flatpak_remote_refs="runtime/org.fedoraproject.Platform/x86_64/f35 app/org.gnome.gedit/x86_64/stable" \
                --logfile=$(pwd)/lorax.log \
                --tmp=$(pwd)/temp \
                --rootfs-size=8 \


tl;dr : Trying to build Silverblue .iso with Lorax, result cannot be installed due to Anaconda error connected to the bootloader (“The command ‘cp -r -r /mnt/sysroot/usr/lib/ostree-boot/loader /mnt/sysimage/boot’ exited with the code 1.”).

Has no one encountered this issue before? Or should I rather file a bug report on the Anaconda/Lorax repository in this case?

Hi decent,

Sorry, I do not have a solution to your problem.
I am responding because I have the exact same error, but with Fedora IoT.

I have created a customized OSTree commit, based on Fedora IoT 35 plus some extra’s. I followed various instructions (one of which is: Build your own Fedora IoT Remix - Fedora Magazine). That OSTree commit built fine and is served via a webserver in the network.
I wrte a custom Kickstart file and used Lorax mkksiso to create an ISO image based on the original Fedora IoT 35 ISO combining it with my kickstart file.

Installation seems to procede just fine until it runs into this same error:

The command 'cp -r -p /mnt/sysroot/usr/lib/ostree-boot/loader /mnt/sysimage/boot' exited with the code 1.

Just like yours does.
Have you been able to find a solution just yet?
Or does anybody here have a clue on how to procede?

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Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a solution as of yet. I did however file a bug report in the hope that someone at the Anaconda dev team may be able to help. Previously also filed one at the Lorax repo, though they told me that the issue is not connected to Lorax.
As stated in the bug report, for some reason during installation with an official .iso, Anaconda does not try to copy the folders causing these issues. I really don’t know what causes this behavior in Anaconda…