Silverblue: how to add user?

I have created a custom ostree and iso based on Fedora Silverblue 36, it does not contain any desktop environment just boot to console and start sway .
If I install using the official Silverblue iso then change to my custom ostree is works as expected, instead if I install from scratch, using my custom iso (same ostree), it does not prompt to create any users so I am stuck to the console with no possibility to login.
During the installation process I can only pick the installation destination.

What is the preferred approach for this?


You need to change your Anaconda configuration to enable user creation at installation time.

Is there an example/docs?


An update for future reference:

  • --variant Silverblue: only installation destination, Fedora Silverblue branding
  • --variant workstation: only installation destination, Fedora Workstation branding
  • --variant "" (default): allows to enable/disable root user and create an user

This is my script:

lorax \
    --product Fedora \
    --version 36 \
    --release "$(date +'%Y%m%d')" \
    --variant "" \
    --isfinal \
    --source \
    --nomacboot \
    --volid Fedora-SB-ostree-x86_64-36 \
    --add-template "${PWD}/lorax-configure-repo.tmpl" \
    --add-template "${PWD}/lorax-embed-repo.tmpl" \
    --add-template-var ostree_osname=fedora \
    --add-template-var ostree_oskey=fedora-36-primary \
    --add-template-var ostree_contenturl=mirrorlist= \
    --add-template-var ostree_install_repo="file://${PWD}/repo" \
    --add-template-var ostree_install_ref=desktop \
    --add-template-var ostree_update_repo="file://${PWD}/repo" \
    --add-template-var ostree_update_ref=desktop \
    --logfile lorax.log \
    --tmp "${PWD}/temp" \
    --rootfs-size 8 \

Thanks for the suggestion