[Silverblue] How do flatpaks (eg. Pycharm Pro) access podman sockets?

Scenario: Connect the Pycharm Pro flatpak docker plugin to a podman socket on the same machine.

Previously: The pycharm flatpak Docker settings include the options:

  • Pick a preset root docker socket
  • Pick a rootless docker socket
  • Enter a custom URL for a podman server.

Several permutations of the usual configs fail, so I configure a local podman echo server
Pycharm then says Connecting.. which is the best result I have so far.

I wonder if I have to use something called Quadlet to specify the container for Pycharm?
Or is it the other way around?

JetBrains tech support has been helpful ( eg. IDEA-347372) , but they do not officially support Flatpak

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Flatpak intellij/pycharm can connect to podman using the unix socket. Using tcp doesn’t work for as far as I know. I assume that pycharm has access to xdg-run/podman, if not add it in flatseal under Other Files

Start the podman socket
Podman needs to listen on the socket for the current user.

# Will listen to a socket like docker
systemctl --user start podman.socket

# Automatically start after reboot
systemctl --user enable podman.socket

Change the socket location in intellij settings

The API Url in the screenshot is: unix:/run/user/1000/podman/podman.sock
This might differ depending on the UID of your user.

A bit late, but came across this post while searching for some things on google so probably useful to have an answer. If bumping 1 month old posts for this reason is bad, please let me know.


I’m grateful for the response I will give this a try when I return from my trip in two weeks.