[SilverBlue] Configure Podman to export a socket on Kinoite f39?

Maybe I’m expecting too much of SilverBlue/Kinoite.
When I run the PyCharm Pro Flatpak, I can’t get Pycharm to connect to the podman socket tcp:///run/podman/podman.sock
(I get the error: run: Name not recognized
and if I try localhost then I get a connection refused

Do I have to create some kind of firewall rule or a virtual IP address to get to the Podman socket from the flatpak?

So I suppose the only option is to forgo the Docker integration and run only the python that comes bundled in the PyCharm flatpak?

I guess it takes run in this case as the command. Possibly look at this podman/docs/tutorials/socket_activation.md at main · containers/podman · GitHub


I can’t thank @jakfrost enough for the link to the socket tutorial. It unlocks so many mysteries about integrating podman and the general interaction of systemd, podman and tcp

it could benefit from an example specifc to SilverBlue, and maybe elevated to the visibility of the tailscale example in the Getting Started Guide:Troubleshooting because I imagine that podman integration makes talking across flatpaks easier (particularly Pycharm)

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