Silverblue fails to boot from usb

Download the Silverblue image and the Fedora Media Writer program for your OS. In the Media Writer window, click “Custom image”, select the Silverblue image, and follow the prompts to write the image to the USB Drive.

You may then install Silverblue by booting from your USB Drive. Note: it is advisable to keep the default partitioning setup that the Installer suggests, since rpm-ostree expects this setup.

  • booted from the usb
  • selected the “test and install” option
  • it runs a media test(?) which failed

Please advise the next course of action.


Hi @notworking

Have u even tried directly to start Silverblue?
I don’t have any issues.


If the media test failed it likely means the written image is no good, ie it verifies against the image written checksum. You should write the image again IMO. Another thought. The media test of the install is a redundant test that media writer is already doing before hand. The test in the install is likely the same test for workstation, and may fail when used with Silverblue. So running the install test at the command line after writing the image successfully is unnecessary and therefore you should do as @andilinux noted, and just proceed with install without checking the image.
[Edit]: So like arrow up and select “install” instead of “test and install” that is selected by default.

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Photo of the error message (#3):


Photo of the error message (#2):


Photo of the error message (#1):


@notworking still the media check?

As @jakfrost and me recommended this step is not needed!