Silverblue F35 not working with Nvidia PrimaryGPU?


I have mistakenly posted my question into the discussions forum instead of the “Ask” forum (the webpages are almost identical).

This was my original question: Silverblue F35 not working with Nvidia PrimaryGPU?

I am trying to setup Silverblue for the first time and running into some issues with the video drivers.

I have an Optimus setup with Nvidia attached to the HDMI port for the external monitor and the Intel card to the built-in laptop display. I have installed the Nvidia proprietary drivers as I used to do on F32 and F34 Workstations before. I also have to set the PrimaryGPU option for X11, otherwise the Nvidia card is not working properly for me.

This setup worked well on F32 and F34 Workstation, but now on F35 Silverblue I’m running into weird problems when PrimaryGPU option is enabled.

Here is a screenshot of how broken is GNOME after a suspend/resume cycle:

There are characters missing on the screen, even on GDM missing characters of the clock and username, invisible characters as I type the password. It can be fixed with Alt-F2 and “restart” command, but I probably revert to F34 Workstation if I cannot find a better solution.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there any known workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Silverblue is the immutable version of fedora and things work differently. If you were running the Workstation version the management would be the same as it was with F34. With silverblue things are managed differently so I cannot help with the details there.

With fedora 35, Workstation, I think you will find things very much the same as you are used to.

Fedora 35, nvidia drivers from rpmfusion, and using wayland, things are nearly flawless now. Some niggling details still interfere at times and require the use of xorg, but most things work with wayland.

I’m having this issue on fedora 36 workstation